EagleEye Camera - Leading the Way

EagleEye Camera's ZERO PAIN Policy

NO camera to purchase

With EagleEye you have no hardware to buy or software to install.

NO Long Term Contract

You decide when you are done with the camera.  There are no penalties or fees whatsoever if you keep the camera forever or decide that you don't need it after a short time.

NO Software to Install

With EagleEye you can use your web browser to view multiple cameras from anywhere in the world

NO Maintenance Costs

EagleEye camera systems are fully managed, meaning you will not have to pay for costly maintenance and repair

No Removal Costs

Most organizations don't even realize it costs almost as much to remove the camera from a finished job site as it does to install one.  Don't expect most suppliers to point this out to you! We remove the equipment at no cost to you too.